About CCC2021

credit, Mathieu Chiasson
Canadian Camera Conference and Focus Camera Club

Formerly known as the Camera Canada College, the Canadian Camera Conference – CCC, is a biennial festival conference organized through collaborations between CAPA and local Canadian photography clubs. Our ultimate aim is to bring you the best of Canada’s photography world. Since its creation, and through countless discussions, workshops and field trips, CCC has provided a great opportunity for both photography professionals and enthusiasts to get together with like-minded souls, exchange expertise & ideas, and discover Canada’s beautiful provinces and cities, one region at time.

Having organized the 27th CCC, here in Moncton - New Brunswick, back in 1997, FOCUS Camera Club is thrilled to host CCC for a second time. We are thrilled by the prospect of welcoming speakers, as well as fellow photographers, from all around Canada.
Welcome to Moncton CCC2021 !

credit, Mathieu Chiasson

CCC2021 participants are asked to treat all people attending this event with dignity and respect. Every individual has the right to participate in the conference in a supportive environment free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination. Therefore, the organizing committee is counting on your support to ensure that there is no such negative behaviour towards any participant, volunteer or speaker. Your professionalism will make the conference an enjoyable experience for everyone!


In order to do our part to minimize our impact on the environment, the organizers of CCC2021 are endeavouring to limit waste production and be more eco-responsible.  Several initiatives will allow us to achieve these objectives, starting with the choice of the Université de Moncton as the conference venue. This will allow participants to stay on campus, thus limiting automobile travel to attend the various activities. To limit the use of paper, most communications and advertising will be done via social media or available in the newsletter and on the website.  The program will be available in electronic version on the conference website. In addition, we want to eliminate the use of single-use water bottles by encouraging participants to bring their own water bottle and refill it at water distribution points on campus.  It is our social commitment to reduce waste as much as possible during the conference.