Newsletter #1

Dear Fellow Photographers, 


Welcome to the first issue of “A TIDE OF DISCOVERIES”, the Moncton CCC2021 Newsletter! In this first issue and those to come, we are thrilled to update you with the latest on Moncton CCC2021 and the best of what New Brunswick has to offer.  

The Co-Chairs Welcome Note

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Hello from Moncton, New Brunswick, 


The Moncton FOCUS CAMERA CLUB is very excited to host the CCC2021 and is looking forward to welcoming all of you to our wonderful east coast. As co-presidents, we put together a highly motivated team that has been working for months to make CCC2021 a memorable experience. Our logo and theme "A TIDE OF DISCOVERIES" was inspired by one of the region’s main attractions: the tidal bore.   A phenomenon caused by the Bay of Fundy tides, the tidal bore is a wave which occurs twice a day. And if you are lucky, you may even see someone surfing the wave. 

Presently, we are in the process of confirming speakers and putting together an interesting program of workshops and tours.  The conference will give you ample opportunities to learn new things in the art of photography while discovering our beautiful province.  So, come and get inspired by our colourful “joie de vivre” and warm hospitality.  Join us on June 25th, 26th and 27th, 2021 and enjoy the surf! .

Focus Camera Club

Born without a name nor a formal structure in the early 1950s, what was to become the Focus Camera Club started with a small group of fellow photographers who decided to meet regularly in the basement of Reid’s photography studio with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge and the passion for photography. Today, the club has 183 members of which approximately 100 attend biweekly meetings. It also organizes events, workshops, and outings. 


For further information, visit:


Welcome to Moncton

Known as the “Hub of the Maritimes” the charming city of Moncton is at the very heart of the Maritime Provinces and is the largest city in New Brunswick, with a population of 71,889 (2016).  Greater Moncton, which includes the neighbouring city of Dieppe, and the town of Riverview has a population of 144,810 (2016). Although predominantly English-speaking, don’t be surprised to hear French spoken as the region has a strong and proud Acadian population.


Because of its central location, many of the province’s main attractions are within a one-hour drive from the City, making Moncton the perfect place to be.


A well-known attraction in the Moncton area is the Magnetic Hill which has drawn tourists from all over the world since the 1930s. To experience it, simply drive to the bottom of the hill, put your car on neutral and be amazed. A must visit!


A Tide of Discoveries

Discover New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, fun and adventure are guaranteed. Why not take advantage of that while attending this conference and invite family and friends to come along?

Let us take you all on a beautiful journey, discovering the enchanting Maritime Provinces. 



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